Hello Beautiful People, After a very long absence I am back. So many designers have left and that makes me sad,but I was so happy to see Chop Zuey was still here and Belle has been very busy. What I found even more exiting and delightful is that my little sis (Tristen) is not only a designer, working along side of Athyus Quan, but she has become a very good designer. [RnR]Swag, love that name. This will be my first blog, featuring [RnR] Swag Fall Out, and Chop Zuey ” The Dark Dweller” and a big thank you to Shena Neox, and the Versus Blog Manager for not kicking me due to inactivity. As a matter of fact thank you to all the fashion related Groups that kept me. And without further ado,[RnR]Swag-Fall Out and Chop Zuey “The Dark Dweller”

There are so many things I could say about this super Hawt outfit “Fall Out” it is very smexy and fits perfectly with my Maitrya Lara Body, it required 0 adjustment for me and I love the straps, this is a must have outfit, A great way to spring back into the fashion scene.Wow!! to the designers at [RnR]Swag.yes including my little sis.

Belle I see your creative genius has not skipped a beat while I was away and “The Dark Dweller” is the perfect set to wear with Fall Out, precision design , rich Colors, everything Belle Roussel embodies and she has only gotten better, so thank you Belle and I know everyone will be wanting to get “The Dark Dweller” Earrings, bracelets and Necklace with fringe, From Chop Zuey Couture, For the other I tems I am wearing, if you would like to know then please feel free to message me in world. I am always willing to help out.



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