Sweet Thing & Poema & JUMO & Exile and Tuty in eBENTO The Evento March

Mila Blauvelt

News in eBENTO The Event for the month of March
Sweet Thing  Catsuit Play Set . Full set includes: Catsuit (Maitreya) ,
Latex Tail (Bento) and ear band
Catsuit Set Hud

Latex Cat Tal bento Included Static tail poses

The  tail moving forward will have a specific AO
FULL version includes Static Pose HUD and AO.

Neko Ears Bento
These ears include 5 positions (on top of the head and on the side of the head – with varying distances for hair size, etc.)
 A 31 color HUD is included
These ears have an easy on-touch animation menu and a Static Pose HUD for taking pictures.
POEMA  Polly Eyeshadows and Blush  Exclusive in eBENTO
 Eyeshadow are made for Catwa Bento heads and the Omega Compatible Heads.
JUMO  T-Lips  Exclusive in eBENTO
These lipsticks come in 06 fashion colors appliers for CATWA and Omega.
This pack contains the same lips in tattoo layers for Classic Avatars.
EXILE HAIR   Answers Bento and classic avatar Exclusive in eBENTO
this hair includes a version that moves with preloaded bento animations inside it.
TUTY – 10 Winking Bento Poses eBENTO
CODEX   bento  Gloves -Sadyska (Maitreya)


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