Splendide by Fellini Couture

╰☆╮Splendide by Fellini Couture ╰☆╮


Available in 4 colors w/ Maitreya appliers

Go where your dream take you

╰☆╮Go where your dream take you╰☆╮

Kaithleen’s @ Shiny Shabby╰☆╮Asymetric Side Open dress╰☆╮
Luane’s World Poses @ XXX Event╰☆╮Go where your dream take you╰☆╮
Avaway╰☆╮Kitty rings╰☆╮

*Birth* @ Shiny Shabby╰☆╮Luna╰☆╮

The sound of Silence.

╰☆╮The sound of Silence╰☆╮

╰☆╮Silence calms my soul.╰☆╮

EMOZIONE Poses @ The Cosmopolitan╰☆╮She’s on the track╰☆╮Coming soon, November 6th╰☆╮(Picture 1)╰☆╮
EMOZIONE Poses╰☆╮Silence Calms My Soul╰☆╮(Picture 2)╰☆╮
[[MASOOM]]v@ Uber╰☆╮Oversized shirt╰☆╮

Heirs of the North

╰☆╮Heirs of the North╰☆╮

K-tarsis @ Darkness Monthly Event╰☆╮Heirs of the North╰☆╮
Stealthic @TMD╰☆╮Rebellion╰☆╮
CKEY Pose╰☆╮Gaze╰☆╮
Belleza╰☆╮Mesh body Jake

The mystery of feminine.

╰☆╮The mystery of feminine.╰☆╮

[[MASOOM]] @Kinky Event╰☆╮Bambi Top╰☆╮
Fabia Hairs @ The Gacha Guardians╰☆╮Karina╰☆╮

                                                     K-tarsis╰☆╮Daughter of Gaia╰☆╮

                                                    [MANDALA]╰☆╮Obi Bow shoker╰☆╮


                                                      Lelutka╰☆╮Bianca head Bento mesh╰☆╮

Les clairs de lune de Roxaane