Promenade au fil de l’eau.

[[Masoom]]@Spring Flair╰☆╮Hartely dress╰☆╮
[[Masoom]]@The Season Story╰☆╮Hartely bento gloves╰☆╮
Fabia @ The Cosmopolitan╰☆╮Dara╰☆╮
Juna Artistic tattoo╰☆╮ Gacha Kokeshi doll tattoo╰☆╮
Le Poppycock @ Pose Fair╰☆╮Still waters w/prop╰☆╮

Gonna hurt.

╰☆╮Gonna Hurt╰☆╮

K-tarsis @ Neo-Japan╰☆╮ Samuraï 03╰☆╮
Agata Mode @ Hipstar Men event╰☆╮Brad Pants╰☆╮
Tram╰☆╮F1124 Hair╰☆╮
Lush Poses╰☆╮Hang male poses – Gonna hurt╰☆╮


I’ll be waiting for you

╰☆╮I'll be waiting for you.╰☆╮

Elegance Boutique @ The Cosmopolitan╰☆╮Juliet╰☆╮
Avaway @ Blush╰☆╮Silvia necklace╰☆╮

                                                 Astralia @ Clique Event╰☆╮Half pointe╰☆╮

                                                      CKEY Poses╰☆╮My Sexy side╰☆╮

                                                                  Truth Hairs╰☆╮VIP Group gift Clara╰☆╮

                                                                Foxcity background

Way that I feel.

╰☆╮Way that I feel.╰☆╮

Lush╰☆╮Cherry Blossom Tattoo╰☆╮Group gift ╰☆╮
Avaway╰☆╮Beatrith Necklace╰☆╮
Exile╰☆╮Way that I feel╰☆╮
Luane’s World Poses╰☆╮How would you feel╰☆╮



K-tarsis @ [SWANK]╰☆╮Nature╰☆╮
Dulce Secrets╰☆╮Tempest eyes/Catwa January Group Gift & Mystic magic eyeshadow╰☆╮
Bauhaus Movement╰☆╮Katya necklace & Lament for Lost Dreams╰☆╮
EMOZIONE Poses╰☆╮Keep on smoking╰☆╮