Our bloggers are enthusiastic people for fashion in Second Life, every one of them holding their own style of fashion. They are part of the Versus SL family , to help you to find your style and show you the latest news of the TOP designer in SL.


Aloma Sands  | Caprycia Resident | Catalina Staheli | Ch4ntal Resident | Chloe Electra Resident | Diosaharu Adamski |   DreamLove Resident | Dyana Rain | Ellendir Khandr | Gara Heishi | Geoffrey Firehawk | GraciAnne Resident | Lanna Axel |  LuceMia Resident | Mila Blauvelt | Milena Inaka |  Nel4481  | Nimue Grantly | Purr Foxclaw |Rehana Selijan | Sita Writer | Spirit Llewellyn |Trinity Aironaut  |  Whind Resident |


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